Been a while

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve written! To see my most recent project (wine related), check out¬†Otherwise, I intend to see some action here soon! Stay tuned.

Something is coming. (No, not Winter)


2012 Nanowrimo (Yes, I’m doing it!)

Is it November? Well of course.

Is it time for Nanowrimo? Yeah!

What is it? Well, it’s the month that people who’ve been pondering writing a novel actually it down and write it. The goal is 50,000 words in a month. 1,667 words a day. That’s it, that’s all!

I’m a week late telling everyone this year. Usually I post on Facebook and tell the whole world what time it is, and if you were waiting for me to shout it to you this year, I apologize.

But it is not too late, I tell you! It is not too late. Go. Sit. Write. You’ll feel better for it. There are still three weeks left! Who needs to make dinner for the kids? Let them make cheese sandwiches for a month. You will not regret it when your fresh manuscript is in your hands.

This year I am doing something different than I have ever done. I am writing a fluff tale. A fairy story. Something whimsical and full of magic. It doesn’t even have vampires in it! (Yet.) Or a title. (Yet.)

I want to share it all with you! I am excited. Can’t y’all tell?

23,387 words.

Word of the Day: Sprezzatura

I am enchanted by this word:

Sprezzatura: a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.

Faked effortlessness.

It is Italian, originating from the Book of the Courtier by Baldassare Castiglione, which was pretty much a book about Renaissance court etiquette. Sprezzatura was one of the requirements, I can only assume, because nobility who look like they know what they are doing are far more reassuring than those who do not.

Now sprezzatura is used in Hollywood, giving some stars their mysterious appeal. Then, when those same people slip up in their facade, we get to laugh at them.

Second rejection and new projects

Yep, a second rejection letter. This one was even better than the first, a note stating that my work was enjoyable but just not quite what they were looking for. It’s difficult to find a home for my little misfit of a gothic story. Does anyone know of a good site, similar to Duotropes listing publishing magazines/anthologies? Please let me know!

I am starting work on a series of shorts based on the concept of fantasy female creatures as aspects of our daily tribulations, but that is taking the back burner to a story David and I are currently working on together, based in Ancient Rome.

Despite knowing our characters and plot, we don’t yet quite know what the story is about. We do have the first draft done, though, so there will definitely be more info about it in the near future.

Shipping a Vampire (First Rejection)

I think I’ve crossed the threshold into real writing now. I have received it: my first rejection letter!

I’m pretty seriously happy about this. I’m positive that sending out what you have written to be judged by others is the hardest thing for anyone creative to do. It’s been likened to birthing a child.

I want to compare it to slaying a vampire: you stalk after this idea for months, painstakingly writing down its every movement, waiting for it to trip up so you can rush out with that stake and pin the proof to your paper. And yet, if you ship out the documents, who is going to believe you actually have a REAL vampire? No-one, your crazy brain tells you: but you know. Now it’s up to you to convince every one else.

At first, no-one but your best friend will believe you, your family may or may not denounce you, and the science journals will reject your claims outright. But time and persistence will push you forward, until maybe a ton of people don’t believe you, but everybody’s heard of you.

That’s when, in the middle of the night you get that phone call, asking for your opinion, wanting to see the ashen remains of that no-good night stalker that you hid in your granny’s urn or the bottom of your fireplace, half burying the fact that you’d ever believed in vampires at all and half hiding the facts from yourself. Now one more person believes you, but next next? Hundreds. News of the vampire has spread like wildfire and your name, the first to provide proof, is remembered.

Yes, writers, sculptors, painters, business makers, whoever you are with whatever crazy idea it is: the first rejection is just the first stepping stone. Keep being crazy. Someone will believe in you if you persevere.


Writing update: I’ve been writing short stories recently, and have them submitted out to White Cat Publications and Cruentus Libri Press. I haven’t heard any word back as of yet, but I am very excited to be back writing and submitting after a long hiatus.

I am excited to share a wonderful site for anyone interested in working with short stories. Duotrope is a website on which you can track your submissions and browse magazine/anthology publishers. If you want to use this site, my suggestion is you sign up for their Weekly Wire which will tell you about new listings, sorted by those that pay, and those that don’t.

Life update: I’m married, and have been since August 15, last year. Yes, this news comes… very late. We’re working on my immigration to the US as we speak (or, as you read). Also, I have an adorably smelly pet rabbit, Zephyr, who is white, fluffy and full of personality.

More recently I have been doing tarot readings for people (so if interested, drop me an email or response).